CraigCat® - We Put The Fun Back In Boating!

CraigCat® is a unique watercraft that is in a class all its own. CraigCat® is the world's finest and only compact powercat of its kind on the market and is available in New Zealand. The ergonomic, side-by-side seating and dual-action controls provides an incredible, one of a kind experience you can only get with a CraigCat®.

CraigCat on the water

CraigCat® is the only power catamaran that has the versatility for fishing, day cruising, relaxing or diving … a boat that is as easy to operate and launch as it is on the bank account. Take a peak at the many uses of a CraigCat® on our Overview page.

When it comes to a sporty runabout vessel, no one does fun like CraigCat®!

With high-speed stability and all-day comfort to unmatched horsepower and high-tech handling, the CraigCat® power catamaran sets the standard in aquatic excitement! Whether you’re interested in a CraigCat® for yourself or a fleet for your resort or dealership, CraigCat® offers a great investment opportunity.

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