CraigCat Models

The CraigCat® Advantage

CraigCat® catamarans are the world’s preeminent compact power catamarans. The CraigCat®’s unique combination of aviation-inspired design, performance-oriented handling and integrated control systems make it one of the most technologically sophisticated and versatile small boats on the water.

At the same time, its inherent stability, compact stature and ergonomically-designed cockpit with side-by-side bucket seating allow for effortless operation for all ages and skill levels. Women love the ease in launching and handling, while everyone loves the great good looks and exceptional responsiveness. It’s the next generation of aquatic fun … here today!

An evolution in nautical technology, CraigCat® catamarans have emerged as a superior platform for multiple aquatic uses. These power cats are lightweight, constructed of durable marine materials hand laid by marine craftsmen, ensuring the highest level of quality throughout the construction process. Designed to instill confidence in the riders so they can be relaxed and comfortable to enjoy the beautiful pleasures of being out on the water.

The foam-filled polyethylene pontoons don't take on water making the CraigCat® virtually unsinkable, giving the CraigCat® huge safety advantages over other boats. While its integral, independent pontoon banking system can turn on a rail and run in the skinniest of water.

Combine all these truly distinctive features and you will discover a phenomenal catamaran that is easy to operate and exceptionally easy to own.


General Specifications

Overall Length: 3.5m
Beam: 1.7m
Weight with outboard: 222kg
Load Capacity: 238kg (persons, gas and gear)
Unbeatable Fuel Economy: 3.8 liters per hour
Power: Electric 36lb and 50lb thrust. Gas; 5, 15, 20, 25 and 30hp Outboards
Colors - Deck, Pontoons: White Sunbrella®, Blue or Red
Top Speed: Up to 50km/hr or 26 knots


CraigCat® powercats offer more versatility, flexibility and affordability than any small boat in its class.

With models designed for backcountry fishing and alternative power to near shore, to bona fide camouflage hunting versions ready for the bayou, the CraigCat® Catamaran can take you where you want to go in style and ease.  

    * CLASSIC — The perfect entry-level model that offers exhilarating performance at an exceptional price. Lightweight, responsive and a blast to drive. Discover big boat fun without the big boat price.

    * ULTRALITE — It’s the latest addition to the line. Where comfort meets practicality, the Ultralite Deluxe is as close as you can come to a premium model without the premium price. Outfitted with an economical Nissan 20 hp, 4-stroke engine, it’s packed with cruising essentials and delivers the hassle-free, CraigCat® superior ride. Now C.E. Certified for Europe!

    * E2 ELITE — The queen of the CraigCat® fleet, it’s the top-of-the-line, high-performance model loaded with our most popular accessories. Perfect balance of precision aquatic handling and ergonomic comfort. Full of features and long on excitement!

    * CATCH-IT — Designed exclusively for the avid recreational angler, it’s loaded to the gills with add-ons that make fishing equally appealing to the novice and serious sportsman alike. An incredibly stable platform, it is ideal for flats fishing, intracoastal, rivers, beach reefs or lakes.

    * CAMO — Tough, reliable and rugged. The ultimate small boat solution for the true outdoorsman. This unencumbered model will take any hunter, fisherman or nature enthusiast anywhere in the backwoods in comfort and style.

    * ELECTRIC — Going green couldn’t be easier! This battery-powered alternative cruiser is whisper quiet and extremely easy to operate thanks to point-and-go steering. The CraigCat® Electric will allow you to get up  close and personal with nature like you’ve never thought possible. It is powerful enough to run for many hours on the water on a single charge!

    * HYBRID — It is the world’s first compact hybrid boat. Sporting a gas/electric propulsion system and removable generator, it’s durable, it’s dependable, and it’s ready to ride! Friendly to the environment and to the wallet.

    * LAW ENFORCEMENT MODELS — Ideally suited for near shore police and security operations, these models are a perfect addition for any law enforcement