• After seeing the Craigcat stand at the Auckland Boat show this year I was facinated by this little, light watercraft.
  • "This is just a short letter to say thanks. The ease in ordering my boat, the delivery by ‘Roy’ and the first time I took it out simply topped off an enjoyable endeavor. I get a lot of stares and ‘conversation’ that makes me glad I watched your DVD's and followed your narration to the letter, so then I can talk like a pro about CraigCat®.
  • I got interested in your boat after seeing a TV commercial but when I went to look for a dealer I found that there were none even close to northwest Ohio, where I live.
  • Just wanted you guys at CraigCat® to know you build one of the best boats that I have ever used.
  • "It was a great pleasure meeting you, and thank you for the kind attention to my purchase of the CraigCat® Fishing Model. I have not had one problem with this boat, and can't wait to put it on the flats this summer for speckled trout, and red fish tournaments.
  • "I purchased a CraigCat when I was in Puerto Rico in 1998, and was as happy as a flea in a hippie commune with the performance of that little boat! So happy, in fact, that I bought 8 more for sale and rental…"
  • "We absolutely LOVE the CAT. It is the perfect application for St. Joe Bay. We are able to raise the kicker and push it out on low tide. It will go with a couple of inches of water. Our SEADOO’s can't do that, nor can you use them when the floating grass is thick, like it is from July to January. What a unique and functional boat!"

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