Pontoon & Deckboat National Magazine

"Economy and fun are usually opposite of each other … Look at what Craig Catamaran has put together in its CraigCat™ — An economical craft that turns on a dime and runs at respectable speeds. The CraigCat® seats two adults comfortably … This 11 foot 4 inch patented craft grew out of 30 years of development encompassing aviation technology.

"When we tested the CraigCat® at the 1998 shootout, the craft, with two passengers, cornered exceptionally well. We were surprised at how the craft managed to lift over oncoming chop while cornering tightly as it did at the same time. True catamaran hulls usually operate off of a reverse bank when cornering, but the CraigCat® works just the opposite … the craft bows into the turn rather than out. The CraigCat® tracks well."

Posted: Sun 07 Feb 2010