Frank B. — Ohio

"I got interested in your boat after seeing a TV commercial but when I went to look for a dealer I found that there were none even close to northwest Ohio, where I live. I then called you and soon after received a call from Ramona Amormino from Canada. I asked her about test-driving one of these boats and she invited me to Windsor to try a CraigCat®. She gave excellent directions to her place and called her husband to show me all the features of this boat. We then went to a lake to try the boat. The whole thing took several hours of their time and after I left I had a good idea of what this boat could do. I later ordered a boat and they met me halfway from Canada to make the final transaction. The reason I am telling you this is to inform you of how courteous and service-oriented CraigCat® Canada is. They went above what I expected and throughout the sale answered all my questions. I had some problems registering the boat in Ohio but with Ramona’s help was able to complete this. I would recommend CraigCat® Canada to anyone in this area that would ever be interested in buying one of these boats. Oh, yes we also love the boat."

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