Tom B.


"It was a great pleasure meeting you, and thank you for the kind attention to my purchase of the CraigCat® Fishing Model. I have not had one problem with this boat, and can't wait to put it on the flats this summer for speckled trout, and red fish tournaments. Robert, as we spoke in your office you were telling me how this boat, ‘Puts The Fun Back In Boating!’ I now understand what you were talking about and this statement PERFECTLY describes your product. After the first time out, I brought it home, rinsed it off, flushed the motor, and within 5 minutes of arriving, it was back in the garage, ready for the next trip. It just can't get any easier than this, unlike my other boat, (My 17’ Center Console Proline is going up for sale at the end of this month). I have had your boat out about 6 times now, and as you had mentioned, it draws a load of attention each time. People have actually been waiting for me at the ramp when I return to ask me 100’s of questions about the boat, how it handles, were did it come from, etc., etc. The boat itself is amazing. It handles great, and seems to run forever on that one tank of fuel. People have come out of the waterfront restaurants, and local homes along the canals to wave and comment on the craft.

I am an associate member of the local crew called ‘Pirates Of Lost Treasure’ and we put on a Mardi Gras Flotilla to raise money for various charity events. I had lived in New Orleans for 8 ½ years, and had assisted in building M/G Floats so I knew what the crowds would like, so I decorated the CraigCat® and launched with 12 other various decorated boats in our crew as we rode up and down the canal throwing beads, and being cheered by the thousands of spectators. The CraigCat™ was a crowd favorite, and the spectators were floored at the way this vessel handled, along with its simplicity, and speed. Thank you again for providing such a GREAT product. It was a pleasure visiting your shop and actually meeting the both of you. Keep up the great work."

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